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 Online cooking lessons

                                                              Lesson information

☆The lessons can be held at the same time each week using Zoom

・The standard lesson will take about 60 minutes. “Special menu” lessons will take about 2 hours. 

・The lesson can be held privately, or you can save money by joining with your friends or family.

・Please prepare any ingredients and tools before the lesson.  We will send you this information            when the booking is confirmed.

・The lesson is held in English and Italian. 

・ Vegetarian menus are also available. 

・ Lessons can be held between 9am – 8pm Japanese Standard Time. 


                                                            Menu list 



 ・ Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake) 

 ・Teriyaki -Don (Teriyaki and vegetable Rice bowl) 

 ・Oyako-Don (Chicken and egg Rice bowl) 

 ・Beef steak -Don (Beef steak Rice bowl with Japanese sauce) 

 ・Tori Kara‐age   ( Japanese Crispy fried chicken) with steamed rice.

 ・Japanese Sweets : Dango and Shingen-Mochi 

☆ Special menu☆

 ・Gyoza (Home-made Chinese dumpling ) and soup (Miso soup or Chinese soup)

 ・Sushi savoury “cake” (Ideal for parties, celebrations and presents)

 ・Home-made Hoto Udon  (Hoto is delicious local noodle dish of Yamanashi and the region           around Mt.Fuji)

・Home-made Katsu Curry (Japanese Curry rice with Pork cutlet on top)


*You can also request any dishes you would like to learn!  Please let us know!

Price list: (per lessons)

  Standard lesson: 60 min. 

    Private lesson / 3000JPY

    2 to 3 people  / 2200JPY

    4 to 5 people / 1800JPY


   Special menu lesson: 2 hours.

   1000 JPY more than the standard lesson. 


*If you have made any personal requests for dishes you would like to learn, the lesson fees vary depending on the menu. Thank you for your understanding.

・3 times course are even better value! Ask us for details by email.

・How to book and pay?

   Please email us at kiki.japanesecooking@gmail.com  or DM to this homepage! 

   In the email, please write the desired date and time, number of people(number of slots), and the        desired menu. We will get back to you promptly.

   Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you the meeting ID and password for Zoom. 

   Lessons will be paid for using Paypal.



          Cancellation policy 

 72 hours prior to the session; no charge (in Japan Standard Time)

 48 hours prior to the session; 50 % charge.

     24 hours prior and the appointed day or no show; full charge


☆Please do not hesitate to ask us for details & questions!!

    We hope to see you online!